Tell me who hasn’t experienced this. You’re getting ready to watch an NBA basketball game on TNT. You’ve already seen Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and the gang on the pre-game show. The game tips off, and…BAM!…two and a half hours of commercials for The Closer on TNT.


To tell you the truth, I’ve never watched The Closer. For all I know, it could be a decent show. However, they advertise for it so much during sporting events on TNT, that I will not watch it simply out of spite. I don’t care about Kyra Sedgwick. I don’t care if every commercial tells me she’s the greatest actress ever. You play clips of her show so much that I’m annoyed by the mere mention of her, much less her accent.

That’s not to say I want to dislike Kyra Sedgwick, but TNT is making me. Commercial after commercial after commercial. And then, when it’s not a commercial break, they will run one of those “in-game” promos where a mini-Kyra Sedgwick walks into the corner of my TV screen, folds her arms, and poses for me as TNT reminds me to “Catch The Closer Mondays at 9:00 ET on TNT.” It infuriates me.

And the oddest thing is that I hardly think that The Closer is in the same demographic as the NBA. When I picture the average NBA viewer, I don’t picture someone who wants to see a strong willed, hard-nosed female detective constantly trying to prove that she can get a confession out of anyone. No, they want to see Lebron and Kobe dunking on each other.

I understand that a cable channel like TNT has to promote its original programming to boost advertising and eventual DVD sales, but seriously? Do you have to play an ad for the show every single commercial break?


Ha! I just saw that The Closer is “ad-supported cable’s #1 show of all time.” While I know what that means, it almost sounds like it’s the #1 most advertised cable show of all time.