I’ve hinted at it and mentioned it a few times before, but I had a DVD-buying problem for about three or four years between 2005 and around 2008. I don’t know how to explain it. I wanted every good movie ever made. I wanted to own them. Maybe part of me thought that in the future, I will draw a comic strip based around movies, so this will all be my research.

That certainly was a dumb idea.

I never counted how many DVD’s I owned, but I’d estimate it was near or over 300. Sure, that’s not a record, but who needs to own that many movies? I would buy them five or six at a time on sale at Best Buy. It wasn’t until I looked at my DVD shelf and noticed that I had roughly 40 or 50 still unopened in their original packaging that I decided to pare down.

So I sold almost all of them expect for the choice 25 or so that I really like. These include the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Kill Bill, Casablanca, Almost Famous, etc. I felt really good about my collection.

Until DVD’s started phasing out as Blu-Ray has come. I really like HD movies, and I told myself I wouldn’t try to own every movie this time around, but rather replace my DVD’s with their Blu-Ray counterpart. The trouble is, most of my all-time favorites aren’t on Blu-Ray yet.

IGN posted this article the other day listing all the good movies not yet on Blu-Ray. Look at this list! Citizen Kane, The Incredibles, The Indiana Jones Trilogy, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Pulp Fiction, and The Star Wars Trilogy! It’s like Blu-Ray makers took a look at my DVD shelf and decided, “Nope, can’t make any of these.” That list doesn’t mention it, but The Lord of The Rings extended editions are still missing from Blu-Ray as well.

I don’t understand this. These are awesome movies. Put them out, and I will buy them. I’m a movie addict, and you’re missing out on the action I could bring. You could put out all the crappy movies you want thinking I’m going to buy them just to utilize my Blu-Ray player, but the┬ájoke’s on you!

I’m not even buying a Blu-Ray player until these movies are available (or until PS3’s aren’t back-ordered anymore.) So bring on the good Blu-Rays!