This strip is based on a real question-answer panel I attended once. In 2005 at the San Diego Comic Con, my brother, a friend, and I were watching some of the movies at the short film festival. On the convention floor, some booth was giving away these googlie-eyes for people to wear to help promote whatever that company was selling.

When it came time for director of this particular short film to take questions in a room full of around 60 – 80 people, at least 25 hands went up. The director kindly scanned the room and fixated on the one guy who epitomized the stereotypical social akward comic geek (if you’ve been to a comic convention, you know who I’m talking about). This particular audience member was wearing said googlie-eyes on his head. Additionally, no one else within the general direction of where the director was gesturing was wearing these googlie-eyes.

So when the director said, “Yes, you. Yeah, you. ‘Mr. Googlie-Eyes.'” to identify who he was addressing, the response from the one guy wearing googlie-eyes, saying, “Who? ME?” was classic.

Oh the memories of Comic Con.