This post is a little late, but I finally found a PS3 two Saturdays ago. My wife and I had gotten up early to meet some friends at our local REI Members Garage Sale.

For those who don’t know, REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is an awesome outdoor and sporting goods store. They sell stuff for camping, hiking, climbing, paddling, biking, etc. They operate as a Co-op, so you can buy a one-time lifetime membership and get pretty good rewards and benefits. One benefit is the “nick-and-dent” Member’s Only Garage Sales that happen about once a quarter.

You see, at REI, you can return anything you purchase there. Even if you’ve used it. Then once a quarter, they resell all the returned merchandise, as-is, along with warehouse overstocks, and additional items from their central distributors at really good prices. I got a $450 6-person tent for $150. And I swear there was nothing wrong with the tent at all. I couldn’t believe it. My friend got two $200 soft-shell jackets for $30 each. These Garage Sales are awesome as evidence by the fact that some people camped out the night before just to be one of the first 50 people let into the store.

At any rate, I tell you that story 1) because I love REI and 2) to help paint a picture of my state of mind that morning. I had woken up at 6:30 on a Saturday, saved $300 on an awesome purchase, and was pretty pleased with my day so far.

Then, as I was talking to a friend in the store, we got to talking about my PS3 woes and how I couldn’t find one anywhere in town. He mentioned to me that Fry’s Electronics was supposed to have a bunch available. Really? I had always been a Best Buy zombie (but no longer), so I always forgot about Fry’s. There just happened to be a Fry’s on my way home from REI. I stopped by, casually walked in, asked for a 120 GB PS3, they handed it to me, I purchased it, and walked out. Simple as that. It’s interesting how simple a transaction can be when the store has what I want.

So not only did I get a sweet new tent, I also got my PS3 all before lunch-time. I happily went home and popped in my Blu-Ray copy of Up and was very pleased.

Now starts my change from DVD to Blu-Ray. Dun dun DUN!