With Free Comic Book Day coming up this Saturday, May 1, I thought I’d give a little comic flavor to today’s and Friday’s strip.

I used to make a trip back to Austin every year to go to Austin Books & Comics for Free Comic Book day since it’s the greatest comic book store I’ve ever been to, but I, like many people, have tried to wrangle my comic book buying habits. So I’ll probably just head on over to the local Bedrock City Comics in the Houston Area. (I usually stop by on the way home from Austin anyway to see what they have left.)

If you haven’t checked out comics in a while, or if you’ve never checked out comics, you might want to see if a local comic shop is participating in Free Comic Book Day. To tell you the truth, there are a lot of all-ages free comics available, and as a guy who grew up reading comics, I’d highly recommend getting your kids into comics. It helps them read more and learn to stretch their imagination. Just don’t let them become collectors. That is the path to the dark side.