Seriously though folks, you’re entirely misinformed (and in the mind a a Harry Potter fan, a complete idiot) if you’ve ever said that the Harry Potter actors are getting too old to keep playing kids in these movies.

Each of the seven Harry Potter books takes place over the course of a year in Harry’s life starting when he turns 11 (book one) and ending just before he turns 18 (book seven).

The first Harry Potter movie was released around Christmas 2001, and the last movie will be released in two parts with the first part coming out Thanksgiving 2010.

So it took them nine years to make and release seven years worth of story. Pretty good if you ask me.

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter, was 11 when the first movie was filmed and is currently 20 years old after having finished filming the 7th movie . Considering the fact that a lot of Hollywood “teen actors” are closer to their 30’s than their teens, I’d say the Harry Potter franchise is doing alright age-wise.

So next time you make this asinine statement, which you shouldn’t now that I’ve explained things, you may not get punched in the face due to societal norms, but anyone with even a moderate knowledge of pop culture will not think highly of you–and will secretly want to punch you in the face.