Trust me folks. I wanted Snakes on a Plane to be a good movie. Well, maybe not a “good” movie, but a fun movie worth watching with your buddies. Unfortunately, it sucked.

Yes, it had Samuel L. Jackson, and yes it had snakes on a plane, but everything else was not worth watching.

The title really does sell the movie and give you the story all at the same time. All they had to do was give a decent effort, and it would’ve been a cult classic. Unfortunately, the quality of Snakes on a Plane was on par with a no-budget porno. Okay, maybe a low-budget porno.

It had the good moments you wanted with Samuel L. Jackson and snakes biting particular nude body parts, but it just didn’t have the love and care that it should have or could have had. It’s sad for me to say, but it really wasn’t good.

Not the case for Hot Tub Time Machine though. It was fun despite it’s sub-par qualities. The laughs were good, and it really did make me want to take it on a ski trip with some friends and have a blast.

And in the end, that’s all you can ask from a movie with a ridiculous title.