“Where’s the comic?”

This is the question I’ve been asked some over the past few weeks, as I’m sure many of you who don’t know me personally have wondered.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is a bunch of excuses. Legitimate excuses. But excuses nonetheless.

For those of you who care about my well-being, since the last comic post:

  1. My router died, and I was without internet for over a week. Kinda hard to do a web-comic without internet access. “But you could’ve still drawn comics without internet access.” Yes, but…
  2. I was sick for almost two full weeks. “So…” So I was lacking motivation while going through colds, coughs, fevers, and everything else on the NyQuil commercial. “But what’s the problem now?”
  3. Today I went to the doctor to check up on some recent chest-pains when I cough, and apparently, my coughs were so violent and frequent that I now have a cracked rib. Boo.

So now you know my plight. Yeah, I know people have it way tougher than me, but I’m the one who makes this here comic, and these are the reason why I haven’t made any comics lately.

For those who don’t care about my health or well-being, I’m working on yer dang comics, and they should be back up and running within the week.