So in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a new year. And in case you hadn’t noticed further, the comics here at Film Strip kinda fizzled off last year. No need to make excuses or place any blame, but it happened. You were not entertained, and I was not fulfilled everyday that a comic wasn’t posted.

But no more.

2011 will be different.

I hope.

Life’s not getting any easier for me, or any less hectic, but this drive to create comics isn’t going away either. So I’ve gotta find balance right? Something else has got to give.

Therefore, for you, my faithful readers, I am canceling my cable for 2011. Don’t worry, I’m not going crazy, and I’ve already gotten approval from my wife. I can still watch TV shows through Hulu, YouTube, iTunes, or Netflix, but I’m going to have to seek them out. Sadly, shows like Jersey Shore and 16 And Pregnant kept me from drawing your comics. Yes, we had a small problem in my household, but we’re trying to fix it.

At any rate, hopefully this act will free up time for more cartoonin’!

And lookie there, you finally got the finale to the Top Gun “Wingmen” storyline, and a brand new New Year’s comic.

2011 is starting off quite nicely.