That’s right Film Strippers, I finally cancelled my Cable.

I’m no longer a slave to the horrible time-sucks that Cable TV has to offer such as Jersey Shore and sporting events involving teams I don’t care about. Sure Cable has a lot to offer, but in my situation, I neither wanted it anymore, nor did I need it.

Personally, I run a website promoting a comic about movies. Any time spent watching unimportant TV shows is a complete time-waste for me. I should be cartooning, which, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve dropped the ball on more than once over the last year.

I choose to blame Cable.

Yes, there is some excellent programming on Cable TV, but it’s nothing I can’t watch by multiple means on the internet either through Hulu or even the network’s own website. (And don’t even mention Facebook. If their On-Demand service turns out to be the predominant way we view our entertainment, then the world is in store for much bigger problems.) While I was once hesitant about streaming video and On-Demand services, I’ve come around to seeing this as the way we will all be viewing TV and movies sooner rather than later. Who can sit around and wait for scheduled time-slots put in place by the stations? Anyone who’s had a DVR for more than a day knows that watching TV on someone else’s time-schedule is a thing of the past.

I also have another personal problem with Cable TV, and that’s Comcast. Comcast is my local provider, and I’ve had others in the past like Time-Warner and AT&T U-Verse (U-Verse was the best by far), and I must say that Comcast is horrible. I don’t care what they say about this new Xfinity junk. It’s just the same junk with a new name. The menu’s are slow, the remote is unresponsive, and the signal is less than reliable. All-in-all, I’ve had Comcast at three separate residences, and I’ve come to despise the service every time. So, there’s a little of that going into my decision to cut the Cable.

Also, for some reason not everyone knows that you can still get free network TV with an antenna. Plus, it’s broadcast in HD. And not only is it HD, but it’s better picture quality than any Cable company can provide. Imagine that.

So long story short, the Cable is gone, I’ve okayed it with my wife, we’ll still be aware of pop-culture and TV shows, but hopefully I’ll have more time to bring you top-quality movie-related comics!

…Oh, and we finally got Netflix 🙂

(Stay tuned!)