So along with canceling the Cable after a long personal struggle, I also subscribed to Netflix!

“Whoa Brian. Don’t you create a comic and blog about movies? How are you not already a Netflix subscriber?”

Good question…for which I do not have a good answer. I guess it’s just been perceived value pared with a former need to own things.

What do I mean by that?

Well, as long-time readers know, I used to have a problem with buying movies. for some reason, I thought I needed to have and own all the movies that I thought were good. Soon that turned into a lot of movies on a DVD shelf that I wasn’t watching. I just had them. Many unopened!

At the time when I made the decision to diminish my home video collection, Netflix wasn’t the same service it is now. The instant streaming wasn’t as robust as it is now, and I had heard that mailing times weren’t as good as they are now. Plus, there was Blockbuster Online to consider.

That has all changed. Blockbuster is on it’s last leg. Where it was once the giant that killed local video stores, it has now been backed into a corner by the new heavy-weight that is Netflix.

Also, Netflix’ instant streaming is pretty awesome. I can watch movies on my Mac, through my PS3, and on my iPhone. When I finally realized that I could do that, and when I saw the instant streaming selection, it was a no-brainer.

Some people may complain that the instant streaming doesn’t have all the new movies, but to tell you the truth, for my purposes of searching the recesses of my past movie knowledge for comedic purposes, being able to stream Romancing the Stone is amazing.

I don’t want to gush too much because I know there are many out there who know all about Netflix and think I’m dumb for waiting so long, but with my recent transition of canceling Cable and subscribing to Netflix, I feel like I have been liberated.

I should also mention that Netflix has those TV shows that I had given up with Cable. And remember back when I made this post about Lost? Well I’ve discovered this show for myself, and I’ve been hooked for weeks!

So much for canceling Cable to become more productive…Stay Tuned!