We’re going to try a new Friday Blog segment here at Film Strip. I’m tentatively calling it, “What’s Friday’s Entertainment?” The basic premise is that we will look at 1) What movies are coming out, 2) What movies are tops in the box office, 3) What DVD/Blu-Ray might be better, or 4) a Wildcard of my choosing.

So here we go!

1) What movies are coming out?

  • Limitless
  • Paul
  • The Lincoln Lawyer
  • Win Win (limited)


2) What’s tops at the box office?

  1. Battle: Los Angeles
  2. Rango
  3. Red Riding Hood
  4. The Adjustment Bureau
  5. Mars Needs Moms


3) What DVD/Blu-Ray might be better?

  • (Pretty much anything)

4) Wildcard!

  • March Madness

This week is a no-brainer for me. I think we’re in a calm before the Summer Blockbuster Storm for movies in the theater right now. The new releases aren’t that great looking, and you can watch any number of older movies that would be better than the tops at the box office. Plus we’re in the middle of the first weekend of March Madness, also known as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament.

Even if you’re not a college basketball fan, which I do not necessarily protest to be as evidence by the fact that I might watch 5 regular season games a year, you have to love March Madness. I seriously watch more games during the tournament than I do in the regular season.

It’s fun, it only happens once a year, and I promise the movies will get better in the coming weeks.