Ladies and gentlemen, today is Groundhog Day.  It really snuck up on me this year.  I usually try to watch the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day, but I don’t think I’m going to get to it this year, unless it’s on TV tonight.  Oh, Hey!  After a quick internet search, it looks like it’s on Bravo tonight at 5:00 pm Central Time.  I’ll be setting the DVR for that.  (Thank you AT&T U-Verse Web Remote Access.)

At any rate, I think this movie is fantastic, and I always look forward to February 2 to remind me to watch it again.  It probably goes back to my previous post that asserted that every movie speaks to everyone differently depending on the time, place, and circumstances in which you first saw it, but this movie really hits on something that speaks to me and it’s tough to pinpoint.

Maybe it’s the main character who has a cold exterior but deep down finds a loving heart.  Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the city life versus the small town life.  Maybe it’s the underlying tones of having a monotonous job.  Or maybe it’s that Andie MacDowell is completely gorgeous and mesmerizing throughout the movie.

Whatever it is that keeps drawing me back to this movie, I recommend you try to watch it this week, if for no other reason than to, ironically, relive the fun of reliving the same day over and over again. (Bravo is also showing it on the 3rd, and 5th of the month – check your local listings.)

According to the press releases, Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow today which means 6 more weeks of winter.  So it looks like we’ll be reliving these cold-weather days everyday for a little while longer.  All the more reason to stay in and watch a good movie.