I’m sorry, but while the rest of the Marvel movies are tying together to form the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the X-Men “franchise” is spinning out of control. The first movie was decent, the second movie was good. The third movie was horrible as it seemed like 58 people had a say in what should go in the movie, and they put it all in. They even killed Professor X. Yes, that movie was stupidly bad. I’m not even going to comment on the Wolverine movie.

But now this. X-Men: First Class. The idea is fine. Have an “origin of the X-Men” movie. Unfortunately, they are making it a prequel to the recent movies that they already screwed up.

Scott’s ranting is blocking out the text of panel 3 in today’s comic, but it’s basically saying all the stupid things I inherently know about this movie without even seeing it.

It’s not using the original X-Men, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, and Angel, because they used them all in the bad movies they’re prequeling. Because of this, they have to use other mutant characters in a movie set in the early 60’s that weren’t introduced until the 70’s or 80’s.

“Who cares,” you say? Well you should. One of the characters is Havok, who happens to by Cyclops’ younger brother. How can the character from the movies set in the 2000’s have a younger brother back in the 1960’s? I don’t know, but some Hollywood idiot thinks they can change it and make it work.

I’m sorry, but the X-Men should’ve got on board with these Avengers tie-ins. I know X-Men and Spider-Man are currently owned by different studios, which is idiocy in and of itself, but get a clue. Haven’t we learned from Lord of the Rings that if you put in the effort to make a good movie then it will make a boat-load of money anyway?

Don’t give me a crappy superhero knockoff and call it “X-Men.” It should be called Hancock so that we know to avoid it.

And really, you have an X-Men movie where Professor Xavier is not bald. Whoever made that decision should be fired and never allowed to even think about watching a movie again.