Arrggg!  I’ve been so focused on trying to get my comics out on time that I completely forgot about the 31 Days of Oscar on TCM (Turner Classic Movies).  We’re already 10 days in!

For those of you who do not know, every year, TCM has 31 days leading up to the Academy Awards ceremony where they play only Oscar winners and nominated films.  This is a great source for all you movie buffs who want to catch up on some of these old classic.

Here’s a link to the TCM 31 Days of Oscar website which has the schedule.

I must warn you though, they’re not all great movies.  Just because a movie was nominated for editing or sound does not make it a great story.  But remember you can check reviews and look at IMDB to see if a movie looks like something you’d like to check out.

All I know is my DVR is going to get quite a workout over the next 20 days.  Again I’m sorry for reminding you of this 10 days late.

Check your local listings folks!